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Luckily this is an easy answer. A personal umbrella policy is an extra layer of coverage that sits over and above your home, auto, or rental home policies.   When the topic of a personal umbrella policy arises, the number one question we as agents get is, why do I need one? READ MORE >>

General liability is insurance coverage that helps businesses to protect themselves against liability claims arising out of bodily injury, property damage, premises, business operations, products or completed operations, and advertising or personal injury.   This seems like a really vague definition, right? READ MORE >>

Talking or thinking about death can be hard especially when it relates to someone you love. But the one guarantee we all have is that at the end of our lives we die.   Due to death being an uncomfortable subject to many people, most people don’t take time to think past their death to what happens to their loved ones when they die. READ MORE >>

On a daily basis our agency receives several calls from client’s inquiring about why their auto rates increased and why they are so high compared to 10 years ago.   The answer is no simple unfortunately. There are several factors that place Colorado in the top 5 states for the highest auto insurance rates. READ MORE >>

Delivery Drivers: are you covered?   It seems like it could be common sense that your insurance company is going to cover your personal vehicle no matter what you are using it for; whether it’s delivering pizzas, using it as a work truck for your painting business, driving for Uber, or any other type of job related function. READ MORE >>

What is a personal articles floater? For many of you this is a new term and something you more than likely haven’t heard when you have sat down for your annual insurance review with your agent.     READ MORE >>

We get this question frequently, and rightly so, as it is usually the most expensive coverage on your policy.   We will start by breaking down the acronyms for each coverage part: -          UIM coverage stands for underinsured motorist coverage. READ MORE >>

The answer is a definite yes!   The “ridesharing” industry has become a very popular service to use, but also a very popular service to work in. Many drivers use Lyft and Uber to make extra income in addition to their 9-5 jobs. READ MORE >>

The term deductible is on just about every insurance policy we pay for. It’s on our auto insurance, our home insurance, our health insurance and our business insurance, however, most of the time we don’t really take notice to what that coverage means until we are involved in some kind of loss. READ MORE >>

It never fails, when we get our auto insurance renewals our first question is usually: why did my rate go up? The second: what can I do to lower my rate?   Unfortunately we are in a climate of ever increasing auto insurance rates so we receive these kinds of calls daily. READ MORE >>

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