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Each year as the winter season kicks into full force and we start experiencing daily freezing temperatures, we begin to see more cold weather related claims trickle in from our customer that own rental properties. One of the most common causes of losses we see is water related from pipes freezing then bursting in a rental home. READ MORE >>

Most of us associate Thanksgiving Day as a holiday to spend time with family, watch football, and eat a ton of food! What most people don’t know, is that Thanksgiving is also the number one day of the year for home fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2016 there were 1,570 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving in the United States. READ MORE >>

In our opinion Veteran’s Day is one of the most important recognized holidays in the calendar year, however, many Americans have no idea what the holiday is for and most often confuse Veteran’s Day with Memorial Day. READ MORE >>

“Do I have named perils or comprehensive coverage on my homeowner’s insurance policy?” Most customers don’t know that this is a question they need to be asking their agent every time they get a new homeowner’s policy. READ MORE >>

Breast Cancer is the most common type of non-skin cancer in women in the United States and the U.K. According to the American Association of Cancer Research Breast Cancer accounts for 15% of all new cancer cases each year and in 2018 alone more than 266,000 women were diagnosed with Breast Cancer and around 40,000 died from Breast Cancer. READ MORE >>

Turning 16 is one of the most exciting milestones in many people’s lives. When you turn 16 you feel like you’re growing up and have a new sense of freedom having the ability to get a driver’s license. READ MORE >>

In today’s business world, online reviews can have a significant impact on your growth and referral network of new customers. I can honestly say that when I am looking into a business that provides a service I am looking for, I absolutely read their reviews and factors those comments into my decision; this is most likely true for many consumers out there. READ MORE >>

Garaging Address, this is a term most people don’t pay attention to in their auto insurance, but it actually can have a pretty significant impact on your insurance premiums.   To start, what is your garaging address? It’s simple, it’s the physical location where your car or cars are parked the majority of the time. READ MORE >>

The insurance market is an ever evolving industry that continually develops new products to meet customer needs. One of those products that we are beginning to see offered with many of our carriers is Service Line coverage.   READ MORE >>

Sales can be a tough job no matter what industry you’re in. Many sales people are able to quickly learn their products and become the expert, however, the roadblock we see most often relates to building a new customer base. We don’t want to limit the term of “sales” to the well-known avenues of selling such as insurance or cars. READ MORE >>

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