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Secure American Insurance Blog

View the latest blog posts from Secure American Insurance.

The insurance market is an ever evolving industry that continually develops new products to meet customer needs. One of those products that we are beginning to see offered with many of our carriers is Service Line coverage.   READ MORE >>

Sales can be a tough job no matter what industry you’re in. Many sales people are able to quickly learn their products and become the expert, however, the roadblock we see most often relates to building a new customer base. We don’t want to limit the term of “sales” to the well-known avenues of selling such as insurance or cars. READ MORE >>

Two weeks ago we reviewed the three main insurance agent types: direct, online, and independent. This week we will review the advantages and disadvantages to both and why we feel one is better than all of the available options.   Direct Channel   READ MORE >>

The insurance industry is full of competition and options. Consumers have numerous channels through which to buy insurance, however, many consumers aren’t aware of their options and what they mean. In this post we will explain the three primary channels: direct, online, and independent.   READ MORE >>

With the use of self-storage units rising, we frequently hear the question: “Does my renter’s insurance cover the contents of my storage unit?” The simple answer is yes! However, there are a few stipulations to storage unit contents being covered:   1. READ MORE >>

Although we don’t hear many questions about earthquake insurance in states like Colorado or Wyoming, we hear questions regarding the coverage frequently in states like California. Most consumers assume that damage to their homes from earthquakes are automatically covered, unfortunately, this is not the case. READ MORE >>

One of the worst feelings to experience is the realization that your car has been stolen. May you were coming out of your house to leave for work and your car is missing or maybe you just finished grocery shopping and your car is no longer there. READ MORE >>

Weddings are almost always a joyous occasion! It’s a moment to surround a couple with happiness and positivity as they start their new life together. With all of the joy surrounding a wedding, very few people like to consider that disaster can strike at your wedding when you least expect it to. READ MORE >>

In today’s business environment it’s imperative that businesses of all sizes have a great website. Studies have shown that the majority of consumers find services and businesses by searching online. Having a well-designed, user-friendly, modern website goes a long way in attracting new customers as well as keeping relationships with your current customers. READ MORE >>

The short answer: yes!   While it may seem cost effective to share one policy and split the cost, the long-term consequences can be far more damaging than saving a few bucks up front. Let’s look at the pros and cons for sharing a renter’s policy with your new roommate.   READ MORE >>

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