Cold Weather Prepping Tips for Rental Properties

Cold Weather Prepping Tips for Rental Properties

December 11, 2019

Each year as the winter season kicks into full force and we start experiencing daily freezing temperatures, we begin to see more cold weather related claims trickle in from our customer that own rental properties. One of the most common causes of losses we see is water related from pipes freezing then bursting in a rental home. There are several great tips that landlords can share with their tenants each winter season to help prevent potential losses in the winter months.

Below is a list of easy, but very important tips to share with your tenants:

  1. Disconnect all exterior garden hoses
  2. Turn off and blow out the sprinkler system
  3. Keep the indoor temperature at 60 degrees throughout the home (i.e. if rooms have separate heating then make sure all are turned on)
  4. Remove all window air conditioning units
  5. If leaving the home for the holidays keep the sink faucets on a slow drip and open the cabinets below sinks to help prevent freezing
  6. Remove snow from driveways and sidewalks
  7. Spread ice melt or salt on icy surfaces to help prevent slips and falls

While there is no way to 100% avoid all potential losses, this is a great start to helping avoid preventable losses from occurring; educating your tenants is the best way to protect your home!