Make 2018 the Year of Review

Make 2018 the Year of Review

January 15, 2018

As consumers we want to be experts about what we are purchasing.

We take time to review phone products to make sure we have top of the line technology.

We take time to analyze car reviews to make sure we are getting the safest, most comfortable vehicle that meets our needs.

We take days, weeks, and months to tour homes to make sure we purchase something beautiful that meets our lifestyle needs.

This leads to my question: When is the last time we took the time to review our insurance policies and coverages to ensure they meet our needs? This is an expense we all pay every year. Whether it's premiums for auto, home, our business, or life insurance; but no matter what it is a cost we all share in.

So why do we find ourselves three to five years into a policy and have never taken the time to review our coverages with our agent or taken the time to request new quotes to make sure our cost is still comparable to the rest of the market?

As our lives change, our needs change; we need to make sure that the policies we pay for every year cover us and provide the best protection for our families.

My challenge for every one of us this year is to take a more active role in the insurance part of our lives. Make it a point to become more knowledgeable about the protection your policy provides. Being an active participant in your insurance coverages provides piece of mind throughout the year. Be sure that you and your family will be well taken care of no matter what life event you experience.

Make 2018 the Year of Insurance Review!