Water Backup Coverage: why do most of us not have this important coverage?

Water Backup Coverage: why do most of us not have this important coverage?

January 30, 2018

First let's start with a quick definition of what water backup coverage is. Water backup coverage is an additional coverage added to your homeowner's policy that will provide funds to help you repair water damage from overflowing drains, sewers or sump pumps or water discharge caused by a backup in the drains, sewers, or sump pumps.

Unbeknownst to most consumers, the majority of homeowner's policies don't automatically provide water backup coverage. This is a coverage that must be specifically added be an agent or requested by the consumer. Many consumers find out the hard way they don't have this coverage; usually when a sump pump or drain overflows in their basement causing extensive water damage to the flooring, walls, and personal property and they are now responsible for fixing the damage out of their own pocket.

It is easy and inexpensive to avoid this type of situation. Review your homeowner's policy and make sure you have water backup coverage. If you don't, contact your agent to ask about adding the coverage. Water backup coverage is usually one of the most inexpensive coverages you can add to your homeowner's insurance. Limits of coverage generally range from $5,000-$55,000 and can be used to repair and replace any damage caused by water backups.

Be an active consumer! Double check your homeowner's coverage and easily avoid paying out of pocket for an unexpected water loss.